Matt & Bel's Baby - Coby 

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We cannot wait for our little one to arrive.We would like to thank all those at Hunter IVF who helped us on this journey, especially Yvonne, Dr James Stanger and Dr Andrew Hedges. Please have a look at our links to get to the Hunter IVF web site.


We are currently at week 25 and things are going fairly smoothly. I have had a few bouts of bleeding early on, but that all seems to have settled now. The baby is moving around heaps, and really likes to jump and jive late at night. Last night, I could have sworn it was jumping on a trampoline in there!!Apparently according to all the books, the baby's eyes are now opening and it can see light through my belly. Their ears are also able to hear sounds now, so Buffy has been giving the baby a bit of a fright from time to time with her barking. At least the baby will know who Buffy is!!I have another obstetrician appointment tomorrow (Thursday 24 March) so hopefully all will be well. He (Dr Hicks - great Dr by the way, anyone thinking about having a baby should go and see him!!) is pretty happy with our progress to date, so hopefully that will continue tomorrow.I am feeling great, the only thing I am going to whinge about is my back aches at night, because I can't sleep the same way I used to. Oh well, its a small sacrifice to pay I guess. I am not tired yet, but Im sure that will come towards the end of the pregnancy. Have started to get nervous about the delivery, its still a little while away, but the reality has certainly set in.I don't have any cravings, except for Milo, but I used to drink that before I was pregnant, so I don't know if that's counted...Nothing much else to report, however, if you wanna see my belly there is a current photo on here in the photos section. It was just taken tonight.See you all soon.xx


Hmm, not quite sure what's going on with my dates. I have been to the obstetrician last Thursday and he is now saying that I am 26 weeks instead of 25. I will have to clarify what he has done and whether I need to move my due date, or whether because its only a couple of days, it might be the same... Any suggestions from those who've been through this??Dr Hicks is very happy with our progress though, he has said that things are great and right on track.Went out on Saturday and bought some new maternity clothes, my goodness, those things are as dear as poison!!Perhaps I should just wear a sack and be done with it - nope, don't think so!!See you all soon.xx


Not much happening here at the mo, sore back but that's about it. Back to work this week, after a nice little break for a week, however, Im only there this week and next and then on holiday's again, gee what a life! I only have about 16 days left of work, how exciting!!The baby has been moving around heaps and is starting to "stick out" in some places. Its quite funny to watch.


Feeling great! Have a bit of an issue sleeping, but who doesn't I guess when you have a beach ball stuck to your tummy! I think its just my posture changing that is affecting me so much. I'll be right!!Went to see Dirty Dancing the Musical on Sunday, it was fantastic. The baby really liked it too, it was jumping all over the place during the show, it must have liked all the loud music and clapping! It had a really quiet week last week, didn't move very much at all, I had a bit of a stressful week, so maybe that affected the baby. This week, its been going berserk! Its really funny to see my tummy literally jumping when the baby is kicking or whatever its doing.No cravings or anything either, I know, Im boring, I guess you would expect that I would be eating dirt sandwiches or something equally as yummy like pickled eggs with ice cream and jelly. Mmm Yummy!! But nothing....Matthew has decided just last night that he no longer likes either of the names that we have picked for the baby, gee, could you get yourself into gear please mate! We don't have that much longer to decide. So back to the drawing board for us....Oh this is so difficult!! For those of you who don't have kids yet, wait until you get pregnant, you will also agree that picking the name is the hardest thing!!Buffy has been really protective and loving towards me lately. Last week I couldn't sleep so came out to the lounge to see if I could get comfortable there, and Buffy came out with me, and slept with me out in the loungeroom. She's such a beautiful girl!! I sent out the Baby Shower invitations yesterday, should be a nice day I hope!! My friend Michelle is throwing me the bash at her place, so I hope she doesn't get too stressed out having to organise it all. God love her!!


Well this week is going to be relaxing. Matthew is taking me away to Leura for a few days of rest and relaxation. Its our last blast before the baby comes.Leura was great, we really enjoyed ourselves, we didn't do much, but that was the best part! Although, I woke up on Monday night with aweful cramps in my belly, I thought I was in labour!! It turned out to be something funky that I ate. It scared the hell out of me though!!The baby is moving around heaps now, and it seems to be kicking all over the place.Had an obstetrician appointment on Thursday, all is good, except the baby is breech at the moment, it has until about week 34 to turn, then the doctor said he will start to worry. My appointments are fortnightly now.


Another week of relaxing, we didn't do much at all, I am still off on holidays and have another week after this one.Went to Sydney to see the Lion King stage show, it was awesome! The baby was jumping throughout the show, it must have been roused by the loud music and singing etc. This baby will be cultural, its been to 2 musicals now and a concert.I am starting to feel a bit tired now, just feeling big and frumpy most of the time, and have also started to get horrible heartburn. I used to get it when I was on the IVF treatments. I am supposed to be feeling Braxton Hicks contractions now, but haven't felt a thing, just more of the baby jumping about and kicking me in all sorts of funny places. I can sort of tell now when the baby is sticking its bum out (only because the Obstetrician showed me where everything was), its really funny!! We start our antenatal classes on Monday night, they should be good, I hope we get heaps of information out of them, because neither of us know anything about babies and birth etc.....

WEEK 31, 32 & 33

Well not that much to report, antenatal classes have continued and are going well. We learnt about pain relief during labour and caesarean sections on Monday night, but last week we got to watch a video of a woman giving birth - VERY GRAPHIC!! But not so bad either. We all know we are going to go through it, but it was just weird to see a woman actually going through it and then to see the baby actually being born.I had another Obstetrician appointment last week at 32 weeks, and the baby is still breech. It is a bit small for how far along I am, but that's ok, Matthew was only small and I don't think I was a huge baby either, so obviously we aren't going to have a giant! Dr Hicks doesn't think that the baby will move now, he must be able to tell by how much space is in there (not much) and probably by the head circumference. So it looks like I will have to have a caesarean, not too thrilled about that, but what can you do??!!We also had a scan at the 32 week appointment and we got to see the baby again, it was actually "chewing" (as the doctor put it) while we were looking at it on screen. It was obviously swallowing the amniotic fluid in preparation for feeding in the outside world. Poor little bubba though, its all squished up in there, not much room to move at all....There is a scan of the baby's face on the scan's page of the photographs section. Bit hard to see as its not very clear, but the baby has its head on the side.Im back at work last week and this week, and then next week is my last week of work - yippee! I will need the break before the baby comes.I have just had Matthew take some more photos of my belly (for those of you who are asking to see it - don't know why...) but they are uploaded on here now, so check them out if you want to.I have my baby shower this weekend, should be a good day, have heaps of people coming so that's nice. It will just be really good to catch up with people that you hardly get to see when you all work and have social lives.I think I actually felt a foot or a fist sticking out the other night, I got up to go to the toilet (as you do) and when I got back to bed, there was something sticking in the side of me, and when I felt it, it was a little "ball" of some description, so not sure if it was a foot or a fist - very cute though...

WEEK 34 & 35

Gee not much happening this week, I had my baby shower on the weekend, what a great success, I was really thrown by everyone's generosity, it was lovely. The baby received lots of beautiful pressies so thank you to everyone who came along, it was really good to catch up with you all.I also finished work last week, it was a bit surreal actually leaving there, I thought I would be on top of the world, but I felt a little funny about it all, and still do, I guess in a week or two I'll feel differently. Work gave me a lovely send off and a big basket of goodies for the baby, it was really nice of them. I was completely overwhelmed by their generosity, I just didn't expect it at all.Have started to think about childcare and what I want to do in relation to going back to work, but I don't know how I'll feel when the baby comes, I might want to be a stay at home mum - who knows!! Childcare is so hard to get in to and it costs so much, its hardly worth going back to work, as you would just be working to pay for childcare. Silly really.I had another obstetrician appointment on Wednesday (1.06.05) and the baby has turned YAY! So no caesarean for me!! Everything looks good and we got to see the baby again and it was sucking its fist/thumb too, how cute! Im getting anxious now, I just want to meet this little bubba. Poor thing, its got no room in there, it must be so sick of being sooo squashed all the time, not long now I suppose....


Well another trip to the Obstetrician this week (today actually) and he was concerned that the baby hadn't grown in the last week, and that my belly doesn't seem to be getting any bigger for a while now, so off for another scan we went. The Dr was concerned that the placenta might not be doing its job so we had to get it all checked out. Turns out that the placenta and cords (umbilical) are fine and that the blood flow is working correctly. The baby is a little smaller than "average" but its within normal limits (whatever they are??). Its only about 5lb at the moment which is 2434 grams to those on the metric system. I have been told that I must "take it easy" but I just can't, there is always something to do and Im not the sort of person to just sit around like a sloth all day!! I also got some interesting but conflicting advice from the doctor today, he recommends that you don't do any pelvic floor exercises during pregnancy, as it makes delivering your baby extremely difficult because you have built up the muscles so much that it is really hard to push the baby past the muscles. He recommended that you only do it after the baby is born, so I will stop them now, not that I've been completely vigilant, I only do it if I remember and thats not often.Anyway, the scan went fine and we got to see the baby again, which is a really nice bonus. The sonographer gave us a look at the baby in the 4D/3D mode and it looks like a little bubba now, very cute, although it was kinda hiding behind its hand, so we didn't get a great view. I have put these two pictures on the photographs page under the "scans" album for those of you who want a little look.Im getting anxious now about meeting our baby, and after seeing the baby on the 3D/4D scan today, I can see what it may look like when its born, and its making me want to meet it even more. I'll write more updates next week.....


I had my baby on Sunday 12th June. Baby Coby Matthew was born by emergency caesarean section at 17:50, he weighed 2505grams (5lb 8oz) and is just beautiful.

I had reduced movements all day Sunday and decided that it was time to call the hospital. When we got there, they monitored me for half an hour and found that Coby was distressed, his heart rate was up around 180. It didn't drop during the monitoring so it was agreed that he would be born that day, via emergency c/s.

Matthew and I couldn't believe it, we were finally going to meet our baby TODAY! I was very nervous about the caesarean and worried about the baby, because he was in distress. I got to theatre and had the epidural, no problems!! Wasn't anywhere near as bad as I thought it would be. Once that started to take effect, they laid me on the operating table and began busily preparing for the c section. After a few minutes I could feel them tugging at my belly and I knew that the operation had begun. After a few minutes of tugging etc, I asked Matthew to have a look over the screen, he said that it was ok and then the anaesthetist said to get our camera ready as the baby was about to be born. So they pulled the screen down and out came Coby, the most beautiful moment of all my life, I have never felt such great emotion and love for anything in all my life. It was completely overwhelming. They put him on the trolley to be cleaned and wrapped etc and have his cord cut and Matthew did the honors. Then they handed me my beautiful baby boy for a cuddle. I couldn't believe that he was actually here.

Not long after that, they had to take him to be weighed and measured etc, so off went Coby with Matthew to the delivery suite while I got stitched up and had recovery time. After my recovery time, I was taken up to the maternity ward where I waited for Matthew, he came in on his own and told me all about Coby and what was going on. He was having some difficulty breathing and they had placed him on a machine there at the hospital. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. Later on, they determined that he was not doing very well and would have to be taken to the larger public hospital (just next door) and placed on a machine there to help his lungs mature. He was having difficulty because his lungs weren't mature enough and he had fluid in his lungs which had to be suctioned out. For a short time there was some question as to whether he would be able to go to the public hospital here in Newcastle, because they had no more room for him, they were suggesting that we fly him to a hospital in Sydney. As you can imagine, I was just devastated at this thought, it was bad enough for him to be in the hospital next door, let alone be taken all the way to Sydney. In the end, the paediatrician insisted that he go to the local hospital and the plans for his transfer were underway.

I was very upset at the fact that he would have to be transferred to another hospital and put on a machine, but I had no other alternative, he needed treatment with better machines than what my private hospital could offer. I was very upset because I had only seen him for the five minutes that I got to hold him in the operating theatre and hadn't seen him since. The nurses arranged for the patient transfer unit to bring him in so I could see him before they transfered him, but he was in a massive humidicrib thing and I couldn't see much of him. It was so distressing because I couldn't get up out of bed. Again, I couldn't believe what was happening.

The following day (Monday 13 June), I was bed bound again, I was practically begging the nurses to get me out of bed, because I just wanted to get going so I could see my little man. I ended up getting the nurses to get me up for a shower late in the day. I just wanted to get moving so I could go and see my little man.Matthew went over to the hospital in the afternoon to see Coby and spend as much time with him as he could. He took our digital camera and took some photos for me to look at. When he got back, I had a look at the photos and they made me so upset, our little man was hooked up on all these tubes and machines and wires, it was awful, and I couldn't be there with him. I felt so guilty and worried. I couldn't help but cry.

The next morning (Tuesday 14 June), I got up bright and early and tried to get moving as best I could. We eventually went over to the hospital and saw Coby. When I got to the hospital, I couldn't believe what I was confronted with, my poor tiny baby on these machines and when we got there, the nurses were doing his "cares" which basically means they are changing his nappy and doing the observations, suctioning his nose throat and stomach and he was bawling, I was so upset to see him like that, and I could do nothing to help him or comfort him, I felt so guilty. Tears were streaming down my face, if I could have gone through it for him, I would have.

The machine that he was on was called a CPAP machine, which is like the prongs that you have up your nostrils when you have an operation, they give you a bit of extra oxygen. This machine was a bit different though, the prongs were pushed right up into Coby's nostrils, so much that his little face was all scrunched up and his nose was swollen, and the tubes that led to the prongs were quite thick. They looked like a set of snorkels. He had a beanie on which the "snorkels" were strapped to and a strap under his chin to try to hold his mouth shut so he would breathe through his nose. He also had a drip in his hand, a tube down his throat and a probe on his foot. He had tape everywhere and his little face was red from where they had stuck and unstuck tape time and time again.

After his cares, I was allowed to have a cuddle, but not for long. The CPAP machine was pushed so far up his nose that his little face looked distorted and you could tell that his was extremely uncomfortable. It was heartbreaking.

Meanwhile, I had been expressing milk hoping that they would be able to feed him my milk and take him off the drip, which they did. He was being fed by a tube and you could tell that this was also uncomfortable for him. What a start to life. The following day (Wednesday 15 June) we went back again but there was no change and the doctor said that he was taking a bit longer to recover than normal, but that was ok, he was just a bit slow. Another devastating blow. He would have to remain on the CPAP machine until his breathing was regulated and he could maintain a good oxygen level. At this stage, they didn't know how long that would be. When we left that afternoon, his oxygen level was put up because he wasn't coping. Later that night, I phoned the NICU to see how he was, I was feeling particularly upset about him. The nurse that was caring for him said that they had turned his oxygen off and he was only breathing in air (the same that we breathe) through the CPAP machine, which was a huge turning point for him. He no longer needed the machine to regulate his oxygen levels, he was maintaining them himself.

The following morning (Thursday 16 June) we went up to the hospital again. He was still on the CPAP machine and seemed to be doing a lot better. The nurse caring for him said that if he continued to do well, the CPAP machine would come off him later that day around 4pm. We stayed with him for his cares at 4pm, but his machine didn't come off, he hadn't done as well as they expected, he'd had one little setback during the day where he needed to be stimulated to breathe properly so it was determined that he still needed the machine on. We were both upset but we both knew it was for the best.

Later that night, I phoned the NICU to see how he was, and they had taken him off the CPAP machine and he was doing really well. They would observe him closely over the next 12 or so hours and if he went back downhill, they would have to put him on the machine again.The next morning (Friday 17 June), I got up and got ready to go and see Coby when one of the nurses came in to tell me that Coby would be back with us this morning. He had done really well overnight without the machine and they were discharging him from the JHH. We fully expected that we would be going back to the hospital and he would be back on the machine, but he had done so well. We (Matthew and I) both think that when he opened his eyes and saw us for the first time on Wednesday that was when he started to to turn the corner and get better. About 11am he finally arrived back at our hospital and we got to spend an hour or so with him in our room before he was put in the nursery in our hospital for further monitoring. It was wonderful to finally spend time with him. He came ahead in leaps and bounds and I got to give him his first breast feed that afternoon. That was a wonderful experience, he knew exactly what to do, went straight onto the breast with no trouble. Another very emotional experience, the closeness that I felt with him at that point is indescribable. We were doing alternate feeds, one on the breast and one tube feed. They still kept tube feeding him because breast feeding takes it out of them and they didn't want him to get too tired and go backwards again. It was so great to have him near us again, he was just across the hall from us now.

The following day (Saturday 18 June) I got up and gave Coby some more breast feeds and he seemed to be doing really well. About lunch time they decided to give him another tube feed and then we got to bath him for the first time. It was such a beautiful experience, he absolutely loved the bath. It was so nice to give him some comfort after a week of him being poked and prodded. After his bath, the paediatrician spoke to us about Coby's progress and he determined that Coby was doing really well and that he could now come into our room instead of being in the nursery. Woohoo, we couldn't believe we had finally got him back with us, we could finally start to be a family!!

When we got that news we were so happy. After a few more days in hospital, we got to bring him home. It was Monday night, the 20th June when he came home with us.

He is doing really well and feeding like a trooper. I hope that he gets bigger and stronger everyday.I have put all his photos on the photos page.